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COVID Career Change

Before 2020, I wrote blog posts for blue-collar businesses across the United States.

When the world shut down, many businesses struggled to survive in the U.S., and after years of consistent work, I found myself with no work. This is when I shifted from web content to social media content.

As a Social Media Manager, I believe in creating meaningful partnerships and striving for real outcomes. My passion for social media began as a writer and quickly turned into strategy.

From the initial consultation to targeted assessments, my job is to help you expand your client base and better your relationship with your audience. I’m fueled by a commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied.

Our Services


Communicative and Creative

Rachel listened to my needs and crafted a resume that gets results. I was so impressed wit

Transform & Rewrite

"When you’re stuck in a rut and trying to change your career path, you begin contemplating your qualities and competence. It can be difficult to talk about yourself and showcase your good side to potential employers. That’s where Rachel came in. She helped me get the perfect resume together so I would look as good on paper as I perform at my job."
-Allyson L.

Ad Excellence

"Rachel always does a great job on my advertising, and despite my procrastination, she gets the project done on time. Always satisfied with the result."
-Tom M., McDonald Landscaping

Working Cafe

FREE Social Media
Report Card

Valued at $50

Available for FREE with any product purchase, this 3-page assessment is prepared based on your online brand on the social media platform of your choice. Additional platforms can be added to the Social Media Report Card for a minimal fee. 

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